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New packaging materials

Over the next few years, we will start to use intelligent packaging. This packaging will be able to tell us whether the food it contains is in good condition, and will also include new raw materials in its composition such as clay in the form of microscopic particles, which can improve the packaging and preservation properties of food.

This is being achieved by applying nanotechnology to the packaging. The DOMINO project (Research into the Development and Acquisition of Innovative Materials using Specific Nanotechnology) has produced very interesting results, which are currently at the industrial application phase, in obtaining nanocomposites that improve functionalities when incorporated into the polymer material (plastic). The nanocomposite has been added to both bottles and thermoformed trays. The new material will be used, for example, to lengthen the shelf life of juices and beer without having to add multilayer systems to the packaging.

The consortium is made up of 17 innovative companies from different industrial sectors. ainia works with CAIBA, S.A. and LINPAC Packaging, S.A.

SUPPORT PROGRAMME: CENIT Programme. The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.




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