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inside building ainia technological centreCooperation

Within ainia strategy to achieve greater size, specialization and complementarity, cooperation and partnerships are fundamental and are held at different levels.

Collaboration Agreements

As well as current Singular Collaboration Agreements with IMPIVA and other organisms and institutions, in 2011 we have formalised a total of 17 new Collaboration Agreements, including:

Agreements with Universities and Schools from the Valencian Community, Spain and the rest of Europe to carry out scientific and technical research activities and projects in the food sector.

• Highlight the activity of “ainia chair” through an agreement with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, School of Agricultural Engineering and Environment, whose main objective is to boost the promotion and development of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of the food industry and similar industries through training activities such as final degree projects, pre-doctoral grants or courses and conferences.

Technological and research centres. Agreements with the main technological centres in Spain and some international centres.

Institutes, Foundations, Professional associations and Training centres with which we establish collaboration agreements on different subjects.

 Meet ainia partners and the benefits of our partnership.

Associations and Foundations
  • Agroalimed Foundation created by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and made up of
  • IVIA, UPV and ainia.
  •  OPTI Foundation (Observatory for Industrial Technological Foresight), of which ainia is
  • a founding member of the board.
  • Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community (REDIT).
  • Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Centres (FEDIT).
  • EFI, European Food Institutes. Group that includes the main European research
  • centres that work in the field of foodstuffs.
  • CNA Applied Nanotechnology Centre Foundation of the Valencian Community.
  • BIOVAL, Biotechnology of the Valencian Community, which includes more than 40 companies as well as research and technological centres, universities and hospitals whose research activity is related to biotechnology.
  • SEM, Spanish Society for Microbiology.
  • SPASS Spanish Professionals Association of Sensory Science (AEPAS).
  •  IOA International Ozone Association, focal point for technology transfer and
  • developments on ozone-related issues.
  • INTERVAL, Spanish pole of the INTEROP-VLab virtual European Lab for business
  • interoperability.
  • APD, Management Progress Association.
  • AIPPI – International Association for the protection of industrial and intellectual property.
  • ESN (European Sensory Network), the most important European network for sensory
  • analysis.
  • SEIMED, (Business and Innovation Service in the Spanish Mediterranean). Part of the
  • Enterprise Europe Network, the largest support network on European matters for SMEs,
  • in which ainia is the coordinator of the Food Sector group.
  •  HYFOMA (European Network for Hygienic Manufacturing of Food), a network coordinated by the EHEDG.
  • CECOC-PTC. Scientific-Technical Competence Centre for Meat Transformation, dedicated to research and studies on meat products.
  • PYMERA, network coordinated by REDIT with the participation of the technological institutes of the Valencian Community.
  • NanoSpain. Spanish Nanotechnology Network.
  • FLUCOMP. Thematic network on Productive Technologies using Compressed Fluids. Association of Experts in Compressed Fluids.
Technological Platforms
  •  Food for Life. Coordinated by FIAB, this platform aims to guide food research towards
  • the interests of the industry and society in general.
  • Bioplat. Spanish Biomass Technology Platform, for the sustainable commercial
  • development of biomass in Spain. .
  • Valencian Platform for Research into Food Safety, initiative promoted by the CSISP (Centre for Public Health Research), attached to the Regional Ministry of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Innovative Business Associations
  • AFTS. Association to Promote Supercritical Technology
  • AFBIA. Business Association to Promote Biotechnology in the Food Industry

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